2021 panel room


Burlesque (1)_edited.jpg

The World of Femboys

5:00 PM

Ever wonder what the term “Femboy” means? Think you might be a Femboy yourself? Or just like looking at cute adorable Femboys and want to learn more about the community? Come to our panel!

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Tea Team After Hours

6:00 PM

Join Tea Team for games and entertainment aplenty! Think adult sleepover! 

Moon Prism Power Let's Get F*cked Up!

7:00 PM

Join Usagi and the Scouts for her Bachelorette Bash! Play your typical hen night games with the scouts for prizes! Audience participation encouraged!


Shibari Safety

9:00 PM

Before you tangle yourself or your partner up in rope, come learn the safety procedures you need to have a fun, safe shibari session. This panel is designed for both individuals who have never engaged in rope play before or more experienced riggers who would like a refresher.

Burlesque (2).png

Where Da Waifu Wars!?

10:00 PM

Join Where Da Waifu and friends and be prepared to defend your Waifu! 


Super Adult Karaoke!

12:00 PM

Join us for a night to remember. You can sing anything you want from Linkin Park to Pokemon.



Your Yaoi Pleasure!

12:00 PM

Welcome to the world of depravity! Join us for a comedic in-depth look at the beginnings of the BL genre, popular cliches, modern day influences and the filthy fans who love it!


The Naruto Sexy no Jutsu Mission Game

1:00 PM

Think you got what it takes to weasel information out of the hardest men in the yakuza? Join Naruto and his friends in this fast paced gameshow, and prove you can be the sexiest ninja on the streets! Hosted by Brat Prince Productions & Vampire Arsene (Royal Calamity)

Diversity in the Sex Work Business

2:00 PM

Join Midna Ash and Krissy Victory for a discussion on diversity and inclusion in Sex Work. 

body paint.jpg

From Hentai to Reality

3:00 PM

Boobs, Lewds and Monstergirls! Find out what it takes to bring monster girls to life for creating adult monster girl content!

Featuring Kay Lynn Syrin


Caption This Picture!

5:00 PM

You will be shown a set of pictures. Your job is to come up with the best captions for these pictures. Prizes will be awarded for the best ones. Bring a good sense of humor and a shameless imagination.

where da waifu.jpg


7:00 PM

Join @WhereDaWaifu for a Q&A Featuring @ipeachysweets

"Hold onto your peaches!"

shibari 2_edited.jpg

Shibari Workshop

8:00 PM

Shibari: originally a form of restraining and torturing captives. It evolved over the decades into an erotic and exciting expression of love and intimacy. The art of shibari combines submission and bondage into a stimulating experience, for both the person being tied and the binder. This long and historical art form is a fun and sexy way to spice up the bedroom, or a wonderful creative outlet for you to explore.


sub or dom... why not both?

9:00 PM

Learn the ways of your kink side and find your alignment! By the end you will be ready to conquer any session. Featuring Kay Lynn Syrin and Midna Ash

Hentai or Not - Hentai

10:00 PM

The beloved (by heathens) Hentai or Not-Hentai game show will challenge both your wits and real-life RNG powers! Come by and take your 50/50 shot at a win while enjoying great fan art!

caged angel_edited.jpg

The Path to Male Lewds

11:00 PM

Ever wonder what it's like for a guy to go down the path of lewd cosplaying? Is it the same for men as it is for women? Come and learn of the journey that Caged Angel Cosplay took to becoming an erotic male cosplayer. All questions are welcome.



Hashira x Y/N Bad Fanfiction Theater

Your (e/c) orbs scan the the panel room and land on- oh my gosh!- The Hashira of your dreams! Join the Demon Slayer corps for a panel of the good, the bad, and the just plain raunchy fanfic pulled from AO3, Tumblr, and Twitter! You might even get to volunteer your own name and be our Y/N!

12:00 PM


Writing Smut for Fun and Profit

Tired of bad smut? Be the change you want to see in the world! Join semi-professional writer Suehiro Moncrieff for tips, tricks, and Q&A to give you the edge you need to create the erotica YOU want to see online!

1:00 PM


Love Live Quiz Bowl

Are you a Love Live! expert? Play quiz bowl, the real academic competition played between schools! We'll be playing using the real rules, buzzer system, and a special question packet about Love Live! School Idol Project.

2:00 PM


Terrible Fanfiction Reading

Join us as we read some of the worst fanfiction of all time in all of its bad spelling and bad grammar glory.

3:00 PM

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