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Monster Burlesque

6:30 PM

We are taking your monster hentai to a whole new level! This show will either leave you breathless or soulness, either way it is a time you won't forget!

Featuring Kay Lynn Syrin, Juliette Michelle, Midna Ash, Caged Angel and Cy My guy.

where da waifu.jpg

House of Waifu

8:00 PM

A scheduled hour of waifu worship, in this House of Waifu, all manner of weeb is welcome! BUT! - Is your waifu even worth mentioning bro?


Brought to you by @wheredawaifu.

After Party

9:00 PM

Enjoy our After Party powered by Kaijucore! Entry is included with your Ecchi Expo Membership or may be purchased at the door. 

Check out our After Hours Schedule for details HERE



nekopara dating game

12:00 PM

Compete your chosen neko's love to become your 'cat-panion'. Learn how to properly simp for a cat girl and win prizes as their token of affection!

BSM EE_edited.jpg

Ask an Only Fans Girl

1:00 PM

Ever wondered what it is like on the other side of an Only Fans?

Here is your chance to ask questions and hear all about it!

Featuring Juliette Michelle, Jennybelly, EcchiX Doll, Spooky Foxx, & Midna Ash

highschool dxd.jpg

High School DxD 

2:00 PM

Join the voices of your favorite High School DxD Ladies in this Q&A panel featuring Jamie Marchi voice of Rias Gremory, Jad Saxton, voice of Koneko Tojo, and Morgan Laure, voice of Yubelluna. 

Tea Team Live: Just For You

3:00 PM

Check out Tea Team, a high energy professional dance group, for an hour of live dance designed just for you!

Copy of Artists Alley.png

Men of Ecchi

4:00 PM

What is it like to be one of the men behind the voices of your favorite Ecchi show? Find out that an so much more in the this Q&A featuring Jonah Scott, Austin Tindle, Chris Guerrero, Kiba Walker and Bryson Baugus!  


Nekopara Live: First Purrformance!

5:00 PM

Be the first to enjoy your favorite cat girls in this idol performance! Bring your energy and cheer them on in this exciting featured event.


Cosplay Contest

7:00 PM

Want to show what you and your costume skills are made of? Register Here to walk the stage! 

Stage Lights not your thing? Be sure to join the crowd and support your favorite cosplayers! 

Artists Alley (2)_edited.jpg


10:00 PM

Party at our Anime Rave powered by Kaijucore! Entry is included with your Ecchi Expo Membership or may be purchased at the door. 

Check out our After Hours Schedule for details HERE


tea team 2.jpg

Idol Dance Training with Tea Team

12:00 PM

Think you have what it takes to be an Idol? Or maybe you just need to get up and moving after a long Saturday night? This is the place to be! 

food wars_edited.jpg

Voice over for hentai

1:00 PM

Join Katelyn Barr and learn all about what it is like to voice act for the naughtiest of anime in this Q&A panel.


Ahegao Competition

2:00 PM

Want to have a blast and see if you have the best Ahegao at Ecchi Expo! Click here to Register!

Not ready to share your Ahegao with the world? Join the audience and help decide who wins!


ask an idol

3:00 PM

Ever wondered what goes on behind closed doors for an idol group? Now is the time to ask Start: Splash about all their secrets and stories.

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