Cosplay FAQ's


1. Contestants must have altered or constructed more than 50% their own costumes. Store-bought costumes are allowed in the show but will not qualify for placement.

2. If the Contestant's cosplay was made by someone else, that person must be present at the competition. The cosplay creator will win the award, if any, not the cosplay model.

3. Cosplay staff and judges may disqualify any entrant at any time for not meeting craftsmanship requirements.


1. Contestants are required to be pre-judged before the contest begins. Contestants who fail to appear for pre-judging will not be allowed to walk the stage.

2. All contestants are required to sign up online by following the Cosplay Contest link. There are no walk-ups.

3. To preserve the quality of the cosplay, the cosplay may be brought in on a hanger or mannequin and is not required to be worn during pre-judging.

4. Contestants who have not been pre-judged when lineup begins for the competition will be disqualified for placement.

5. If the Contestant did not make the cosplay, the creator must be present during pre-judging to answer questions.

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